Easter bunny.

Hello lovelies!

With easter just around the corner (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!) I made this cute bunny. And yes, I thought it would be fun to share this cutie here.

He’s made from scratch and didn’t really turn out the way I wanted him to be… but that’s what sewing is about, right? Being surprised.

I also bought my first two sewing patterns today. They are from Colette. And now I just have to be patient and wait until they arrive in my mailbox. HA! 🙂
Do you have any special plans for easter? The Mr. and I will hang out with his family, have the traditional easter meals and be all filled up after that weekend! I am excited!!!




6 Gedanken zu “Easter bunny.

  1. Awww, wie unglaublich niedlich! ♥
    Wir werden wahrscheinlich einfach mal nirgends hinfahren.. waren in letzter Zeit ganz schön viel unterwegs, Ostern nur für uns wird sicher auch mal schön.

  2. Are you kidding? It turned out perfectly! So cute…I love handmade dolls like that!
    You should do a giveaway…hehe…mainly cause I’m selfish and want one hehe

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