Adventures in sewing: Sewing Books.

Hello lovelies!

I received a lot of cute Emails these days, asking me how I learned how to sew clothes. (As you know I am totally new to this so please don’t think I am an expert 🙂 )

That lead me to the idea of sharing my favorite sewing books.

1.Nähen Schritt für Schritt. by Alison Smith

In german. A great – very detailed – book on sewing basics. Adorable. No patterns included.

2.Simple Modern Sewing by Shufu-To-Seikatsusha

Sewing book in english. Includes very great patterns to make 25 different garments. I totally think this is THE best basic sewing book. If you don’t already own it… buy it! It will change you life. It changed mine as I am not able to fully „read“ the Burda Style patterns that come along with the magazine. It is a shame – I know – but I am getting closer to figuring out how to use them! Anyways… this book is more of an inspiration and „basic“ sewing thing for me. I use the patterns but not always as they are supposed to be. You know… add a bit of lace here, shorten a dress there. Perfect!

3. Sewing in a Straight Line. by Brett Bara

This book is on my wishlist because… let’s be honest: I think everyone can sew in a straight line. Seems to be a perfect book for beginners!

A great source for tutorials on sewing is COLETTE PATTERNS. They have a great selection of tutorials you should definitely check if you want to start sewing your own clothes. You should also always check Youtube for inspiration. The TEACH YOURSELF TO SEW channel can be very helpful.

And let me tell you something: For years I have been afraid of a sewing machine. I have wondered whether I will be a genius or just totally suck with sewing. I found out there is nothing to be afraid of. The sewing machine can be your friend. 🙂 All you have to do is treat it politely, buy good materials (like the best yarn you can get and the appropriate needles….) and the machine will make magic happen.

One last advice: For your first sewing project, choose an easy piece of clothing! Like, a skirt or something. It will be more satisfying once you succeed! And that will really help you getting to know your sewing machine.  You might want to follow this tutorial for your first try.

I hope this helped you a bit. 🙂