Feeling hungry?

Hi there!

Last Monday I made this delicious Potato Pizza and since it is a VERY delicious meal… I figured you all might want to try it as well.

See how delicious it looks?! That picture (taken with my iPhone) doesn’t even come close to this delicious pizza. Oh My!

(And yes, I am very, very, VERY much in love with this recipe)

In 3 words: TRY IT! NOW!



PS: Tomorrow is Friday and I am soooooooo ready for the weekend!

3 Gedanken zu “Feeling hungry?

  1. wow this is quite interesting! i do not generally like to eat a lot of potatoes and would think since the pizza do is already a carb that it would be a bit of a heavy meal, but none the less i am curious and would like to try it!

    ❤ rae


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