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(Ready for cute kitten, anyone?)

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Hello you! 🙂

It is Friday and with Friday comes the weekend and with the weekend c0mes loooong sleeps, cuddles with the cat in the morning and eating breakfast when other people have lunch. No need to say: I LOVE FRIDAY!

So…. I have a few links to share so you can spend your Friday night reading blogs:

1. I love Kims knitting adventures. She even makes homespun wool. HOW GREAT IS THAT?

2. No Bake chocolate mint cookie cheesecake? YES please.

3. Talking about cookies: Cookie splash photography. Totally stunning!

4. I love that Stephie (aka Roboti) is sharing bits of her DIY wedding on her blog ❤ CONGRATS again! 🙂

5. Also – this is a big thing for me! – Mollie Makes is now available in german. I know a looooot of bloggers who LOVE the Mollie Makes magazine. And now I am one happy reader too. It is amazing!

6. 25 of the best easter DIYs ever!

7. I have seen many many nail design tutorials. But this is what I consider the cutest nail art ever!

8. 21 cool stamp projects. Eeeeeek!

9. Neon Peep Toe Shoes DIY. Ohlala!

10. Dyed simple syrups. I guess I’ll have to make them. Only to display them in our kitchen. SO pretty!

11. Kate Nash – who you know is one of my role models – wrote a very great blog post on how girls at young ages seem to think that everything that matters about them is the looks and being „sexy“. Read that article and take a few minutes to think about it. She is right.

If you have any interesting blog links to share: don’t think about it, just share!

And have a wonderful weekend, lovelies!



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  1. thanks for the links… 🙂 they’re really interesting…btw, those kitten are soooo cute

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