The easter bunny DIY!

Hello lovelies!

With easter around the corner and some sunshine outside I felt the urge to craft again. One thing I am sure about: Getting closer to crafting has been a great decision! So look what I have prepared for you:

Aren’t these bunnies super cute? 🙂 Grab some crafting materials and…. READY? Go!

You will need:

styrofoam eggs, styrofoam balls in small sizes
merino (felting) wool
felting needle
hot glue gun
black plastic eyes

First cut the „small“ balls in half. Glue them onto the styrofoam eggs. They will later become the noses. Cut bunny ears from paper. Glue the ears to the styrofoam eggs. Already looks like a bunny, right?

Now wrap the (different colored) merino wool around the body and nose. Use your felting needle to make the wool „stick“ to the styrofoam body. If you need detailed instructions on how to felt on styrofoam: I’ve used this technique here too.

At the end, add a little tail to the back of the body and two eyes to the head part.

Haha, and you’re done!

Looklooklook! Use these cute bunnies to spice up your easter party or decorate your home. You might also craft together with your children – but be careful with the felting needle! It’s really sharp.



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