Make your own Orla Kiely inspired tote bag!

Hello and happy Sunday, lovelies!

This weekend was so much better than all the weekends before. Why? Well,… there was loooots of sunshine and my parents came to visit. And I went to the awesome Marilyn Monroe exhibition with the Mr. today. That’s 3 good reasons to make my heart miss a beat 🙂

Anyways… You know I love Orla Kiely, don’t you? I am especially amazed by the „Stem“ stuff. Like this:


Unfortunately I don’t own any of Orla’s great designs. So I made my own:

This tote bag is so easy to make and looks so pretty!

See how I did it:

I used a potato, a tote bag, fabric paint, a cutting knife and a pencil.

First, cut the potato in half. Put the halves on a paper towel so the fluid will be absorbed and your potato will be ready to work as a stamp.
Now, draw your design on the potato and use your tool (either a kitchen knife or a lino cutter) to cut around the design. Like you would do to create a „normal“ stamp. Cut at least 1 cm deep.
Paint the „stem“ part with fabric paint. Line a sheet of paper or cardstock in the bag so the paint won’t come out on the back part of your tote. And now: STAMP! Repeat painting the potato stamp with fabric paint after each printing part. Create a loooong stem. And then… add the leaves. And don’t get disappointed when your design isn’t as „perfect“ as Orla’s. You want your tote to be YOURS. 🙂
If you want to spice up your tote and break the (dark) colour scheme, add a tiny heart. Like, a pink one. Pink is fun!

Let it dry and…. well… put your stuff in it!

I hope you enjoy making your own Orla inspired tote bags and have as much fun as I had.



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