Geometric earrings DIY

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And yes, I am on the „geometric = cool“-train now. Not really. Seriously – I just love making earrings and this DIY suddenly came to my mind a few nights ago. Sharing is so much fun so here’s the tutorial:

leather in red & white, tools, eyelets, chain, needle, 2 earwires

1. Cute two triangles from the leather.
2. Use a needle to pin holes into the triangles – pin two into the bottom triangle frist. You need these holes so you can put the eyelets through.
3. Put two eyelets through the two holes.
4. Attach two equal sized pieces of the chain to  the eyelets.
5. Now add two eyelets to the bottom of the top triangle and two eyelets to the top. Attach two chains to the triangle and put them together using another eyelet.  Also attach the earwire…

6. Enjoy wearing your brand new earrings!



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  1. yeah, i know. i was actually not inspired by these but other earrings & necklaces around the web. that’s why i thought it would be a great DIY idea. i hope noone feels offended!

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