30 days of journaling: supplies list!

Well hello fellow crafters!

Do you want to play along in the journaling game starting tomorrow here on my blog? If so… I made list of what you might need to create a happy spring inspired journal:

The basic supply you will need is a journal or photo album. I am very much into journaling „big“ – that’s why I am using a photoalbum. But a blank journal like a moleskine one works pretty well too!

I am a huge fan of scrapbooking paper. There are the most gorgeous paper designs available and that makes the decision very hard. So I always go with „buy many many many papers“ 🙂 Great for me, bad for my coin purse. 🙂

All kind of pens are important… such as a black ball pen, a decorative gold pen or a white pen. And glue. Nothing works without glue!

And what would a journal be without any photos? Right: Nothing! You can either print out some pictures or use a polaroid camera or even some postcards. Collect them in a box so you don’t have to search for your pictures!

Punches are fun. Always. That – of course – includes journaling!

Letters from cardstock/paper/felt are so much fun! Make sure you buy a whole bunch of them!

Stickers and other decorating materials should belong to your „journal box“ too.

And washi tape. OF COURSE!!!!!

I will also use a lot of acrylic paint. Just for fun 🙂

If you are like me you have tons of buttons at home. I love using them with journaling too.

Make sure you organize your supplies well! I used an old box that I placed right beside my desk. This way I won’t have to search for my glue, pens and stickers too long 🙂

That’s basically what you will need! Of course you can use anything you find at home. Also prepare some fabric, felt and stamps!

I bought most of my supplies at Scrapbook – Werkstatt. It’s a german online shop and I have totally fallen in love with it! SO many stuff to buy! Wooooooh, I spent way too much on pretty supplies. But hey…. I couldn’t resist!

I am so excited to start journaling with you here tomorrow!



PS: If there’s anything else you would like to know… just leave me a comment! ❤

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