A whole month of journaling: Day 1!

Hello lovelies!

I bet some of you might have wondered if I forgot about the journaling prompt today. I didn’t. I am just a bit late. But here it is:

For your first page of your journal I want you to „tag“ your journal. Give it a name, a purpose. My journal (as well as yours) is about SPRING so I made that the „tag“ thing and got creative:

I made a bunting from patterned paper and bakers twine. Then I poke two holes through two pages and tied a knot to the backs. This way it „pops up“ when you open the book. Also I used a polaroid picture I took last year that matches the colour scheme of this page.

And of course – since almost everything is in bloom in spring – there had to be trees!

I cut these from lovely paper „freestyle“. And yeah, I like how they turned out. I also added a stamped line across the page.

So… what does your „pop up spring“ page look like? Leave a link in the comment section so I can check on your design too!

Thank you for playing along!



3 Gedanken zu “A whole month of journaling: Day 1!

  1. Have FUN journaling 🙂 Wish I could join but I’ll travel most of the month and have to organize a transatlantic move so this month isn’t very convenient for me haha. But I’ll check your blog regularly to see what you created 🙂

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