The polaroid Z340. A review.

Hello there!

Besides all the journaling stuff I wanted to share something exciting and fun with you. I bought myself the (new) Polaroid Z340 camera.

And I am in love. It’s a digital camera with an included printer that looks like a Polaroid camera. The big PLUS is that you can look at the pictures before printing them.
When using my regular polaroid cameras I often am disappointed by the result. This won’t happen with that camera.


What made me want to buy it?

Well…. there are several reasons:

1. The design. You know I am easily swoon by retro design. The camera looks like a retro polaroid camera – very classy design and totally awesome.

2. A 30 picture pack of printing paper ( = film for the „old“ cameras) is 16 €. That’s 0,50 € per picture. Which makes the pictures much cheaper than „original“ polaroids.

3. Being able to check before you print makes the whole thing SO amazing. I have „missprinted“ so many polaroid pictures it hurts! 🙂 That won’t happen here.

4. No ink needed. There will be no costs other than the printing paper. NO other costs. (Well… the camera, of course, need to b bought)

5. Let’s be honest – I have to OWN stuff like that because I like cameras and have quite the collection.

I know very well that 235 € is quite the price but I work very hard every day and thought I should be worth that! 🙂


So… how does that camera really feel when you hold it in your hands?

Pretty awesome!

It feels like an original Polaroid camera (because it IS in fact a Polaroid!). I like that pretty much about the Z340. One thing I also like a lot is that you can view the pictures on a tiny screen at the top of the camera. Also this screen can be folded up. Unfortunately you can’t turn it around so if you want to take a self portrait you won’t be able to see if the picture will look good until you turn the camera around.

There’s no viewfinder at the back of the camera. You will have to check the screen if you want to see if your picture is in focus.

You can choose from different frames – one of them of course is the polaroid frame. The other frames – in my opinion – are useless 🙂 You can change different settings of the camera – like light, sharpness, size…. That’s pretty cool but makes the camera „too digital“ for me.

After adding a memory card you can save hundreds of pictures on the camera. And with the included USB cable you can transfer the pictures to your computer/laptop.


And the pictures?

The pictures are totally fine. Nothing beats an original Polaroid picture but they are really awesome for a digital print!


Anyways… do I think this camera is worth it?

Well – I wouldn’t be complaining if the camera was 100 € but it is kinda new and since the  Instax Wide was quite expensive in the beginning too I am very confident of the price going lower some time soon. So if you want this camera and don’t have the money for it right now – you might want to put it on your wishlist for christmas! Long story short…. BUY IT! 🙂


Who should buy this camera?

If you love the retro design and want to be the „master“ of your pictures – this is your camera! I mostly bought it for my journaling projects and to create cute cards for our family and friends. Also I think I am way more cooler now that I own this camera!

Even the cat thinks the Polaroid Z340 is awesome!



5 Gedanken zu “The polaroid Z340. A review.

  1. hehe, ich hab’s auch nicht bereut, sie gekauft zu haben. hab dir ne mail geschrieben und hoffe, das hilft dir ein wenig ❤

  2. Hallo!
    Ich bin die jenige die Dir grad die verzweifelten Worte per E-Mail geschickt hat. 🙂 Ich hoffe SEHR das Du mir helfen kannst.

    Dein Eintrag über die Kamera ist wirklich toll. Hätte ich sie noch nicht, hätte ich sie spätestens nach dem lesen Deines Posts gekauft, nehme ich an. 🙂

    Liebe Grüße

  3. This camera is great. I want to have it too. But I think I have to collect the money before buying it. Thanks for showing it here 🙂

  4. Die Kamera ist schon seit Erscheinen auf meinem Amazon-Wunschzettel. Aber ob ich sie mir je kaufen werde? Einerseits hätte ich sie sehr gerne, weil mein Vater unsere alte Polaroid nicht mehr finden kann und bei meinem Freund eine rumliegt, aber die Filme sind ja so teuer bzw. es gibt für das Model glaub ich keine?!
    Da wäre die neue ja ideal! Aber wiederum auch nur eine Spielerei. Und ich benutze meine Holga ja schon kaum… 😦 (ich nehm’s mir aber immer wieder vor! ;))
    Werden die Fotos nach dem „Drucken“ auch so geschüttelt wie früher? Oder kommen die direkt entwickelt raus?

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