Recipe: Easter bunnies.

Happy Saturday, loves!

These sweet bunnies are made from the dough you would use for milk rolls. And they are SO pretty. And fun. And everyone you give them to will smile 🙂 PROMISED!

So… what will you need?

1 block fresh yeast (in Germany this will be 42 gramms)
200 ml milk
500 g wheat flour
1 egg
75 g butter
75 g sugar
a handful raisins
a dash of salt

First, heat the milk (don’t cook… just heat a while until the milk is warm) – break the yeast in the milk and toss until you have a grey-ish fluid.

In a bowl, mix together flour, salt, egg, sugar and butter. Add the milk. Now knead until you have a soft, even dough. Put in a warm place (for example the heat) and let rest for 30 minutes.

Then, knead the dough again and form little bunnies on your baking sheet, layered with parchment paper. I made egg shaped bodies and then attached the ears. At the end, add 2 raisins each as eyes. Put in a warm place and let rest for another 30 minutes again. (I heated the oven for about 5 minutes using the lowest temperature and then I put the baking sheet in the oven).

Now you only need to bake your bunnies at 200 °C for 10-15 minutes. They should be fluffy and light brown.

If you want to you can cover them with powdered sugar just like I did.

It’s a delicious easter treat! Happy baking, friends!

Love you,


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  1. They look amazing! I made an „Osterkranz“ with a similar recipe this year, but the bunnies are a really cute idea! 🙂

  2. meinst du, man kann das auch noch nach Ostern machen? 😉 Mit Hefe hab ich noch nie alleine gebacken… Würd’s aber gern mal ausprobieren.

    Übrigens, wie kann ich hier mit meiner Blogadresse kommentieren?

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