A whole month of journaling: Day 11 – Inspiration.

Happy Wednesday, lovelies!

Today I want to share some very inspiring journal pages from talented people all over the web. Inspiration is a very important thing and besides finding it „by incident“ I am pretty sure it will also be found if you look for it. So here’s my inspiring pages collection:

I love pages with lots and lots of written words.

And I really adore this drawing ❤ Drawing is a fun way to express your feelings.

And seriously: How cute is this?

Simplicity at its best.

Mixing different materials like lace and paper and ribbons… that’s the art of journaling!

To me… this is the perfect page. Like, ever.

Are you feeling inspired? If so… please grab some materials and start journaling! Maybe just try creating something that „looks like“ the style of pages you’d prefer? That would be a good training for all of us!



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