A whole month of journaling: Day 12!

Sorry for my absence yesterday – I was needed somewhere else and didn’t have any time to blog or craft. But today I am showing you my new page:

It is a simple, typewriter-themed page. As some of you might know, my grandma (who I really really miss!) used to teach me how to use the typewriter when I was very young. I loved the sound of the letters being pressed into the paper. I just loved it. And I still do. Right now I own her old typewriter and that makes me feel closer to her every day.

So I wanted to write her a note letting her know I miss her pretty much.

This page might be simple but it makes me smile. Really smile.

Sometimes I wish she could see who I have become. I wonder if she would be proud of me or what she would tell me about my life decisions. I am really sad she didn’t see me growing up.

So… Who is your note to?

Thank you all for participating! It is so much fun looking at your pages (all of them!) and smiling because somehow it feels like we’re in this cute crafty group together. I wish this could be „real“ and we would be able to chat and laugh while using our scissors and glue and…. oh well…. you know. I just wish you all could be here 🙂



3 Gedanken zu “A whole month of journaling: Day 12!

  1. Hallo Katja,
    erstmal muss ich dir sagen: Ich liebe deinen blog^^.
    Und diese Seite in deinem Album finde ich besonders schön, weil so viel Gefühl drinsteckt. Mein Opa ist vor kurzen gestorben und es sind genau diese Kleinigkeiten, die mich oft an ihn erinnern, so wie du die Schreibmaschine in Verbindung mit deiner Oma siehst.
    Eine wirklich schöne Seite, ich kann verstehen, dass sie dich zum lächeln bringt.
    Mach weiter so!
    Liebe liebe Grüße

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