A whole month of journaling: Day 15!

Hey there!

It is already the 15th prompt I am sharing with you. Wooohoooo! I hope you like this journaling fun so far. I seriously do. This „challenge“ makes me think of new page designs even when I go to sleep. 🙂 So much fun!

I tried a different technique on this page. First I painted it green – added some white and blue an yellow spots and waited patiently until it was all dry.

And then I have been drawing a tree (that kinda looks like a ball of yarn, right?) and a cute bird. Also I added a bird. Birds belong to spring.

Besides rain there were some blue skies these past days. And that was when I snapped this polaroid picture. Yeah, I am THAT cool. I added this picture to my page and then I have been drawing a „frame“ around it. I am in love with the „frames“.

Oh, and don’t forget the tiny hearts. Red of course.

Oh, oh, oh! And the dots. With white paint I added a few cute dots. I mean… who doesn’t love dots?

Well, friends. What does spring mean to you?

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