Katha & Katja: Inspired #2

Hello there!

Even though times are very hard for all of us around this house, I wanted to „keep going“ and (to be honest) do something to get my mind off things.

So today I am sharing another Post of the „Inspired“ series.

Inspired is a series of blog posts Katha and I are hosting together. We are basically in love with the same things and it is always a pleasure having someone around who is as crafty as you are and who loves to cook and who’s also into fashion and – not to forget – is a very nice person. For „Inspired“ we pick a material for our crafts and see what every one comes up with.

For today we chose


I kinda have a thing for styrofoam. I loved to play with it when I was a child and my dad used it for handymen stuff.

Here’s what Katha did:

Hello lovelies!

I decided to make something out of my & my boyfriend’s initials for this round of Inspired.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– a block of styrofoam

– cute paper

– scissors, cutter and glue

– a print of the letters you want to use [make sure your font doesn’t have too thin lines!]

Now you just need to copy the letters to the styrofoam and the paper and cut them out. Cutting from styrofoam is pretty messy, so prepare to use your vacuum cleaner more than once!

Afterwards, just glue the paper to the styrofoam.

To hang the letters to my wall, I sew through the styrofoam and tied them to a picture frame that was already hanging on my wall. [That guy in the pictures? That’s my mister, as Katja would say ♥]

And you’re done! Enjoy your cute wall art!




I love THE SUPER MARIO BROS. games for all the Nintendo advices. I used to play it on my NES back when I was a child. And now I am playing it on my Wii. You see…. I love it!

So when I thought of what to make for today I couldn’t help but thinking of little green 1UP mushrooms.

You will need

– styrofoam balls in different sizes (small ones and bigger ones)
– acrylic paint in at least green, yellow, red and white (you will mix the „bottom“ colour from yellow and a tiny bit red and some white)
– a glue gun
– a black felt tip pen

Now first cut the styrofoam balls in halves. Glue a „big one“ on a smaller one so you will get the mushroom shape. Then paint the bottom with your selfmade skin-like tone and let dry. I put the mushroom on a roll of tape to let it dry. Once the bottom is dry, paint some eyes on it and then paint the „head“ green. As soon as it is dry, add some white dots.

Just wait a bit…. and done!

These cute little mushrooms will be perfect for your SUPER MARIO BROS. themed party! And you can also make them together with your kids. Or imagine creating a garland from your colourful mushrooms….. There are so many ways to use these!

Hope you are having fun crafting!



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  1. Hallo, die Styroporbuchstaben sind echt toll. Welchen Kleber hast du dafür benutzt. Bei mir wird das Papier wellig? Vg Katja

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