I am back. Journaling: Day 18!

Hello you!

Well, I am back today from 1.5 sad weeks. Why? Let’s just say something horrible happened and it literally ripped my heart out. But I know it is the best thing to move on somehow – so I decided it was about time to get back to journaling. Here’s todays‘ page:


You see, I wanted to share things I am thankful for. For this page I used:

I especially loved the click-clack of my typewriter. It made me happy. Sort of.


I am very happy with this page because it looks bright and cheery and it made me think of the best things in my life.


Today I also spent some time with a certain 7-month-old and her smile made me smile big time! I know I don’t want kids yet but I’m sure I will be a very happy mom some day!


So… What are you thankful for?




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