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Hello lovelies!

I need to skip the „journal“ prompt today again. I came home late and the light is too bad to get a decent picture of the page. But I will show it to you tomorrow. Promised! 🙂

Instead, I would like to share some blog posts I have been reading & loving lately:

1. Let’s start with cake. How precious (and yummy) is this cake? I die over the beauty of the pictures!
2. The state of the web. I laughed. A lot 🙂
3. Everytime I see pretty homes I want to buy new furniture. Like, seriously. But even if I would buy it and start decorating… it would never look THAT pretty. Bummer.
4. Quesadillas are seriously the most delicious thing in the world. And this recipe sounds like heaven! (actually the whole blog is amazing!)
5. Do you know Becky? She is one of the first people I „met“ online like 3 years ago and I really really like her 🙂 Say hi!
6. How cute is little Ruby? (and how adorable is her outfit?)
7. I would really love to host a little spring soiree. Anyone want to come?
8. Good fat vs. bad fat. Very good to keep in mind!
9. Having trouble crafting because you don’t have your own craft room? Look!
Do you have any fun links to share? Just leave me a comment ❤




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