Journaling: Day 24!

Hello lovelies!

It has been raining like crazy today (with some sunny moments in between) and that made me kinda mad. So I wanted the rain to go away and turned it into a journal page.

How about the weather where you are?

Is it sunny or rainy? Stormy or chilled?

Let me / us know. 🙂



3 Gedanken zu “Journaling: Day 24!

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    Gross weather haha rainy an cold!:/ my dog hates it! Follow My blog to see her! 🙂 I’m just a beginner tho:/ maybe you can give me some tips!:)

  2. Hi Katja, it is has been raining a lot here in the south west of western Australia too. As I look out of my window this morning it’s very overcast and wet but everything is a lot greener and we have some pretty flowers coming out on our bushes. Here in Australia it’s nice to get the rain to freshen and revive everything. We are coming into winter! I love your journaling it’s very inspiring! Love Caroline

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