That time I made one of my dreams come true.

Ever since I started carving stamps I have been dreaming of selling them online. But I felt they were too imprecise to offer them to gentle people out there.

Until now.

I asked a local company if they would be able to produce stamps from my drawings. They were!

With the help of laser cutting, these stamps are very precise.

I decided to order a bunch of them to put them in my shop.

I am overwhelmed with joy!

I got a few teeny tiny ones made too!

How about a melon?

Or a thermo?

Or a cloud?

I couldn’t decide which one is my favorite… probably the paper plane because it amazes me how precise it is!

But I will always always always love the camper! It is soooooo cute!

If you are curious about the stamps, please hop over to my Dawanda Shop and see if there’s something you would like to own. 🙂 Thank you for that!!!!

In other news…. Happy Saturday!



11 Gedanken zu “That time I made one of my dreams come true.

  1. Wow, das ist ja toll!
    Ich freu mich für dich :]

    Die Stempel sind alle so niedlich.

  2. This must be so exciting for you! I absolutely adore the owl and the paper plane!

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