A whole month of journaling: Day 25.

I thought this was pretty awesome so I had to share.

Let’s take some time and talk about inspiration. Where do you get inspiration for your journals? Have you ever journaled before?

My love for journaling grew when I joined my first journaling „class“ hosted by Elsie. I have read and loved her journaling posts for a long time and always wanted to start something like that. But I have never had any ideas on what to journal about. So when I joined the class I was all into the prompts and after a while my own ideas showed. I had pictures in my head of pages I wanted to design.

And then there was a time when I was a bit moody and sad and didn’t know why or how to change that feeling. That was the first time ever I took a blank page of white paper and some glue and scissors and started journaling about my feelings. I also used pencils and pictures and my typewriter and during that process I started to feel better. Journaling somehow made me very happy.

All the colors I used, the pictures I started to collect… it was definitely a healing process for me.

Now I have 4 thick journals filled with lovely memories, cheery pages and also some sad things. And when I file through the journals I get a bit teary eyed every time.

I never wrote a diary, never ever wrote daily notes about my feelings. I wrote literary stories based on things I have heard of or been through. But I have never tried „picturing“ my feelings before Journaling. It is a great way for me to express myself and get out what is hiding inside of me.

What about you? What does Journaling mean to you? Have you been Journaling before joining this challenge?



2 Gedanken zu “A whole month of journaling: Day 25.

  1. Soo excited to have found your blog!! It’s so beautiful and bright…am really excited to get to know your space a bit.

    Ich habe auch Deutsch an der Uni studiert, darum ist es besonders schön wenn ich deutsche Bloggerinnen finde. =)

  2. katja, i’m glad you found another way to express yourself. 🙂 i’ve kept writing journals, on & off since 7th grade. i have boxes full. i started scrapbooking more than 10 yrs ago. i found out about elsie through a scrapbook magazine, before i knew of her blog. i’ve been art journaling for over 4 years.

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