A whole month of Journaling: Day 26!

Hello and welcome to the 26th Journaling prompt everyone!

Even though I took a break because of the recent events around here… I am pretty proud of myself for posting all these prompts and inspirations. Hope you are having fun!

Ok, so here we are on the 26th day and guess what? It was all sunny and warm (until like an hour ago) and that’s what inspired me to this page:

This picture has been taken today and yeeeeesssss – I love these shoes! Also I love daisies. And not to forget: I love spring!

Do you see the cute paper plane? One of my stamps! 🙂

And another cute stamp I designed! 🙂

I also bought a date stamp a while ago but never used it. I did today. YAY!

So… feel free to journal about the stuff you did today or maybe some icecream you ate or the rain you enjoyed. Or even about the sun that kissed your skin today. And make sure to leave me a link so I can look at it ❤



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