I love stupid TV series.

Hi there!

Let’s be honest: Sometimes I wish I was more mature and grown up and faaaaancy and could say „Oh I just watch intellectual TV stuff“. But I don’t. I am a TV series JUNKIE. Like, really.

Is there anyone out there reading this who thinks „YEAH, me too!“? If so…. let me know your favorite series! Here’s my TOP 10 List of TV shows:


If you follow this blog for a while now you might have heard me talking about this series before. It is my all time favorite and I clearly see myself as the Lorelai kind of mom one day. I own the DVD box set and I have watched it for about 10 times now. And I am just starting over again. This series makes me happy when I am sad and fills my heart with joy. Also it makes me cry. A lot 🙂 I just LOOOOOOVE it!


You guys – this is the most epic tv series ever. The Mr. and I used to watch it while it was on TV. I think it was about the time we started dating and things were getting serious and that was our weekly date: watching LOST and feeling good. 🙂 We have been watching it on DVD too and I loved having a kind of „date“ with LOST too. Like we used to have back then.


Who doesn’t love NEW GIRL? The minute I watched the first episode I have been falling in love with the whole show. So funny and Zooey is my role model number 2 so I have to love NEW GIRL. I am also swoon by the pretty dresses she is always wearing. Oh, and by the way… do you know WWZDW (What would Zooey Deschanel wear)? It is a website on Zooeys outfits and where you can buy similar dresses or the exact same ones. SO great!


Come on, don’t you just love Sheldon? I want him to be my roommate!


I am so sad this show is over. I have been watching it for the last years and it has always been entertaining me well. Good thing the show is available on DVD so I can watch the episodes over and over again!


So colourful! So crazy! And so good. Do you know that show? It ended after two season which was a bummer. Still is. For some people it is a weird show but to me it is a wonderful, magical story about a baker who can make dead things come to life by just touching them. And look at the pretty Anna Friel! LOVE!


One of the Doctor Dramedy shows. I know. But I can’t help it, I love to watch that kind of stuff!


Also a Doctor Dramedy show. But with less scandalous accidents and more… Drama 🙂


I am not too sure about this show anymore because after watching a few episodes from season 5 I am bored. We’ll see if I’ll get back into the MAD MEN mood. Basically I like this series for its style. The fashion. The detailed 60s look. Eeeeeeek!


A while ago I thought this show was stupid. Then I heard that Ashton Kutcher will be on it. So I watched the first episode of season 9. And then realized… the jokes are actually great.  So I bought the DVD box filled with all the old episodes. YAY 🙂 I like it. Clearly, I do.

What about you? Do you watch TV series? Which ones?





Hallo zusammen!

Hier eine kleine TOP TEN Liste meiner Lieblings Fernsehserien. Welche Serien begeistern euch?


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  1. I have to say, my guilty pleasure TV show is The Vampire Diaries… don’t know why but I love it! Also Pretty Little Liars which just started their new season.

  2. 1. 2 Broke Girls
    2. New girl
    3. Scrubs
    4. Bones
    5. Castle
    6. How I Met Your Mother
    7. Big Bang Theory
    8. Two and a Half Men
    9. Friends
    10. Modern Family

  3. I like lost and gilmore girls alot too! have them both on DVD. you should check out supernatural!!! Its equally as amazing in its own right!

  4. Ooooh! This is a fun post!
    Here are my favorites:
    1. Parks and Recreation
    2. True Blood
    3. Deadwood
    4. Battle Star Galactica
    5. Mad Men
    6. Sons of Anarchy
    7. Veronica Mars
    8. The Office
    9. Girls
    10. Dawson’s Creek (an all-time favorite)

  5. I love New Girl, too! ❤ But we are super behind on watching it because for the longest time Hulu Plus wasn't updating at all, and we've been watching other shows lately D:

  6. Yes! I share a love for Lost, The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, and Mad Men. But I think Mad Men is a really high quality show…whereas I feel a little embarrassed about my love for the others. =) I haven’t seen the other ones on your list…I’m afraid I’d probably like them!

    I will also be an eternal fan of Sex and the City, and my bf and I just started watching the old Star Trek series…it’s so silly but so addictive.

  7. If you love these you’ve got to love How I met your mother. I tell you: I laugh really hard even if I’m alone at home.. I guess my neigbours think I’m crazy. =)

  8. I am a big fan of TV series!
    My Favorites are:
    1. The Walking Dead
    2. Boardwalk Empire
    3. Kings of Thrones
    4. New Girl
    5. How i met your mother (/ Friends ;))
    6. Mad Men
    7. Lost
    8. Band of Brothers (short series)
    9. The Big Bang Theory
    10. True Blood

  9. I forgot Mad Men! (but I don’t know which show to bump so I guess I have a list of 11).

    While we’re at it I also love LOST, Charmed, Game of Thrones, 24, Family Guy, Grey’s Anatomy and NUMB3Rs as well – haha

  10. I am such a big TV fan. I watch way too much tv and can easily blow through whole seasons in a matter of days because I watch tv while I do everything (laundry, read magazines, blog, etc) – haha.

    1. Dowton Abbey
    2. Gilmore Girls
    3. House
    4. Roswell
    5. Bones
    6. Criminal Minds
    7. Fringe
    8. Modern Family
    9. Northern Exposure
    10. Boardwalk Empire

  11. ahhh…noch so ein serien junkie…jetzt fühl ich mich net mehr ganz so verrückt 🙂
    hier meinen momentanen favoriten ( um die sucht zu fördern)
    1. pretty little liars
    2. new girl
    3. hart of dixi
    4. spartacus
    5. friends
    6. roswell
    7. sherlock
    8. criminal minds
    9. grey´s anatomy
    10. haven

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