{obsessing over}

Quilts. I want to sew one so badly! Actually I already started cutting the fabric but then realized „all mixed up“ is not my type of quilt. So I ordered some new fabric in red-bue-greenish and can’t wait until the postman brings it to my house so I can start! Eeeeek! Has anyone of you every made a quilt? Also I am obsessing over a new design for my blog. Like, seriously. I only need to wait for the Mr. who needs to help me. Yep, he NEEDS TO! 🙂

{working on}

I am currently drawing some new designs for stamps. I am so in love with the designs I already made… now I need some more!

{thinking about}

My new job that starts in 2 weeks. I am soooo impatient yet on the other hand I feel like time is seriously flying. I just hope things will be a bit less stressful for me once it started 🙂

{listening to}


Gemma Ray – thanks to Fee 🙂

{wishing for}

Sunshine 🙂 We’ve had plenty of rain these days and I really need some sunshine so I can hang out in the backyard or even go swimming. And that’s all I could wish for right now!

What’s on your „currently“ list?



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  1. Yes I made a quilt about a month ago. A baby blanket for my brother’s wedding. Which reminded me that I wanted to post pictures on my blog. Will do that the next days. 🙂 I used three fabrics for a star-style pattern on the front: blue with white hearts, red with white hearts and yellow with colourful owls. (and the yellow for the back too). It’s a bit much looking at it now, but I didn’t realise that when I bought the fabric. less is more when it comes to patterns sometimes. 😉

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