Recipe: Tortellini Salad

I was introduced to this recipe by the bestie who made it for her birthday dinner. I LOVED this salad so much I needed to know how it was made. She got it from her sister who got it from a friend who probably also got it from a friend who got it from a friend… 🙂 And because it is SO simple I want to pass it on to you!

Tortellini Salad (serves 2 (big) dishes)

1 package tortellinis (choose which ones you like best! I have tried those with meat and also with cheese and I heard Ricotta and Spinach tastes great, too!)
green onions (as much as you want)
mozzarella (also as much as you want)
white mushrooms  (guess what? as much as you want!)
cherry tomatoes (and again: as much as you want!)
olive oil
balsamic vinegar
salt and pepper, optional: basil

Cook the tortellinis according to the instructions on the box.

While they are cooking,  cute tomatoes in quarters, slice the onions and mushrooms and dice the mozzarella. Put in a bowl. After removing the water from the tortellinis, add them to the vegetables and stir a bit. Now, take some olive oil (YES! how much you prefer!!!) and balsamic vinegar and stir. You’re allowed to try your creation during the process to see if your salad tastes great! Now, add some salt and pepper and if you want to, some dried basil. I used dried basil in my salad and it tasted gorgeous!

And guess what? You’re done!

You can serve this salad cold or lukewarm, right after preparing. I liked the lukewarm version better. But that’s all your choice!

We ate it for dinner as the main dish and served the leftover as a salad for our BBQ the next day. I also prepared this another time again to take to work with me as my lunch.

It is a marvelous, delicious and pretty easy salad which I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I do.



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  1. Oh man das sieht so lecker aus. Ich liebe Pilze un Tortellini also genau das richtige Rezept für mich 😉

    Liebe Grüße,

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