Life lately. According to instagram.

There has been quite the amount of sunshine around here and after a period of rain – it feels really great. Also the sunshine brings the prettiest sunsets and… you know. I love taking pictures of the sun going down.

Also I enjoy eating tons of fruits. Literally, tons.

I have been thinking of a clear redesign for my blog. This is just an idea and the Mr. will have to build the new blog for me since I have NO idea how to do it 🙂

Again. Sun. Breaking through clouds. Also very pretty!

I wore a dress to work on friday and on my way home there was sunshine. And that really made me happy.

There was also pretty sunshine in our backyard. Paired with pretty flowers!

We had friends over for tea this Saturday. I made a very berry (and very delicious!) cake.

You see… my week has been packed with sunshine and happy moments. I simply enjoy life these days.
In other news my „new“ job starts tomorrow. Eeeeeek! I am excited and want it to be a good start. Hopes up, lovelies, hopes up!

What did you do this week?



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  1. Ich wünsch dir viel Glück und weniger Stress im neuen Job!
    Tante Petra

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