From inspiration to outfit.

Hey there!

I am not a fashion victim per se but I like pretty clothes and I also love looking pretty.

With all the changes happening around here I am getting in the mood to develop my style a bit more and I really like browsing through fashion pictures and style websites. That’s when I stumbled upon this pretty cool picture:

When I saw it I thought that I would like to create a similar outfit for work. Here’s what I came up with:

blouse: ESPRIT
blazer, jeans: H&M
shoes:  Seven Seconds
bag: Pieces

I chose a white blouse with a pretty bow at the front. I like that blouse pretty much! Also a pair of black jeans, white cotton shoes and a red blazer. And the best part: the bag. I love this bag! It is huge and pretty and I can store allllll my stuff in it. PERFECTION.

Have you ever been inspired by the style of other people?



5 Gedanken zu “From inspiration to outfit.

  1. Love! I like browsing outfits in magazines and catalogs . . . sometimes you see things you already have but put together in a new way . . . feels like a new free outfit! 🙂

  2. i’katja, your version of the outfit is adorable! 🙂 m constantly inspired by other people fashion wise, & everything else wise.

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