It might be a little early saying so – but after almost a month working in my new job I feel like a very heavy weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I hang out with friends after work, I spend time outside. I am even in the mood to start running. Like, really.

So I wanted to let you know I am feeling good, slowly „recovering“ and making the best of these sunny days here.

And I wanted to thank you all for your support and lovely words even though I am not around here as much as I used to be.

Right now, I am just embracing the beauty of life.



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  1. i’m still working at the children and youth care centre but not at the social services anymore. i am working as a legal guardian for children. 🙂

    also, noch einmal auf deutsch: ich bin schon noch im jugendamt, aber jetzt als amtsvormund, nicht mehr im allgemeinen sozialen dienst. auch verantwortung hoch 10, aber irgendwie für mich und meine seele leichter zu ertragen. 🙂

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