obsessing over:

I am currently obsessed over spending time with the people I love. To me it is like healing from all the pain I / we have been through the past months. Sharing a laugh or two, eating BBQ, hanging out by the lake… it all is extremely helpful.

working on:

My sketchbook. I am trying to think of new DIY ideas, new stamp designs, new dreams.

thinking about:

How much I love living this life of mine. I easily forget how blessed I am with my little family (including the best cat in the world!) and how pretty the place where I am allowed to live really is. It has the perfect spots, seriously. But often I don’t look around too much to notice.

listening to:

The new Linkin Park Album „Living things“. I love that band as you all probably know and I really like their new CD ❤

wishing for:

I want to travel with my mom in October and I really wish I could decide where we want to go 🙂 It’s not that easy, you know? We want to go somewhere sunny, near the beach and we want to rent a car to drive around and get to know the country. It is NOT EASY to decide! 🙂 But it’s a happy wish and I am sure it will be fulfilled soon ❤




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  1. Hi Katja, schön zu hören, dass es dir wieder gut geht! Weiter so! 🙂

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