A new read.

And it’s a good one.


(Inspired by the „Literate & Stylish“ series over at Sometimes Sweet.)

Once I had finished reading „Divergent“ and „Insurgent“ I needed a new read to keep me awake at night… You know, a good story that totally leaves me breathless.

I found it:

Delirium by Lauren Oliver.

What is this book about? 

Well… as most Young Adult books these days it is about a sort of cruel future where LOVE is diagnosed sickness. It is the worst thing to happen to you. Love is sick and at the age of 18 you can be healed. You have to be. They will operate you and you will never ever love again. They will pick your husband. You will have kids and you will never be able to purely love them.

So basically the story is about 17 years old Lena who is actually counting the days until the operation that will keep her from loving anyone for the rest of her life. She lost her parents to love and she doesn’t want to be like that. She follows the system and the rules as stupid as they might seem to the reader.

And of course Lena gets to know a boy. And she falls in love. And she reveals a secret or two but I don’t want to tell you anything about that. Because you have to read it yourself! I have almost finished reading Delirium and I will soon start Pandemonium, the second book.

Have you read Delirium? Are you as much in love as I am?




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