DIY: Recipe book

Hello and a very happy tuesday to you!

You all know I am proud of my new (german) cooking blog „Katja’s Kueche“ and that has inspired me to this DIY: A recipe book. (By the way, this is the first DIY I have done in a long time. Feels good!!!)


This cute little book is perfect to store your favorite recipes and food ideas.

The cover and back of the book are made from popcorn boxes I bought at a 1 $ store a while ago. You can use any kind of cover imaginable. Huge postcards or greeting cards work as well as simple cardstock. You will also need different kinds of scrapbooking papers to create the pages inside the book, and some decoration materials like ribbons and buttons etc. Oh, and two big eyelets so everything stays in place.


Punch two holes in the boxes. Decorate your cover. I chose a simple but cute decoration with lace ribbon and other decorative elements. Now, cut the pages. I folded the scrapbooking paper in squares, worked great. With the eyelets, create a book and… well, you are done! 🙂

Now all you have to do is write down your favorite recipes and store your recipe book somewhere in your kitchen so you can bake and cook delicious meals anytime!

Have fun crafting!




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  1. Daran arbeite ich auch schon seit einer Woche. Allein um den ganzen ausgedruckten Rezepten aus dem Internet endlich einen Platz zu geben 🙂
    Wobei deins natürlich wieder mal oberhammer aussieht 🙂

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