The Supercraft Box: A review.

Hello lovelies!

When I read online that there was a thing called SUPERCRAFT BOX I was over the moon excited. It is the same thing as Glossybox or Birchbox. But for crafts! Eeeek! So I bought the Sample Package for the special price of 24,95 € and waited patiently for it to arrive. On Thursday the mailman surprised me with the prettiest box I have ever seen:



Isn’t it all just amazingly cute? It is. So what was inside?


That’s the impression I got when I opened the box. Hum…


Inside I found a glue stick, yarn, wool, t-shirt yarn and some fabric & needles. Oh, and paper. And stickers. And tons of postcards for advertising purpose.


These are the instructions. Nothing new, basically everything in there has been all over the internet for months.

So… well… you guess – I was disappointed. I have been SO excited for this box and now all I can think of is how I spent 25 € for… this. You never know what you get, for sure. But for 25 € I would have expected something else. Something more innovative. And this box actually is 35 €!!!!!!! If I had paid 35 € I might have cried.

Maybe it is because I am not new to crafting and because I love things like Craftgawker or Pinterest. What bugs me most is that all the DIYs in there have already been shared for free somewhere online. If there had been a DIY for maybe a bag or something else I would have been more happy.

I probably won’t buy another box or subscribe to the 3 / 6 – kits thingie. If you are a fellow crafter and if you have plenty of material in your home I guess you might be disappointed too. Or maybe my expectations were a bit too high. I don’t know.

BUT if you are new to crafting and want to get inspired and need instructions to make you start a project: You might try it this way. The next box will be out in October.





5 Gedanken zu “The Supercraft Box: A review.

  1. Hello!
    Ich habe meine heute erst geöffnet und habe deshalb EXTRA deinen Artikel noch nicht gelesen 😉

    Ich muss sagen: Ich bin genau so enttäuscht wie du. Ich meine…für ein bisschen Stoff, etws Kleber und ein bissl Papier gibt man ja auch keine 25 Euro aus.

    Aber so haben wir es ausprobiert und müssen uns nicht der Frage stellen…“Was wäre wenn“ 😉

    Liebsten Gruß aus Köln, liebe Katja!

  2. Für mich als Anfänger ist das Kit ideal. Aber trotzdem werde ich mir das nächste nicht bestellen, da es für mich zu teuer ist. Und ich geb so schon so viel Geld aus. 😦
    Aber du hast recht. Die Aneitungen kann man sich alle irgendwo im Netz kostenlos ansehen.

  3. I would be disappointed with that too. Thanks for reviewing. The concept is great but they didn’t execute it well!

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