Things I have learned about myself.

Happy Wednesday, lovelies!

Do you know the feeling of realizing something about yourself you didn’t know or never cared about? Here are a few facts I have learned about myself the past few weeks:

1. I love bookstores.

That is actually nothing „brand new“ to me. But as much as I love the endless opportunities of buying books online, I still enjoy straying through the endless rows if book shelves in stores or at the library. It is mostly about the smell of the books and about being able to read a bit in the books I might want to buy. Also, my list of books I want to purchase is pretty long.

2. Life without my iPhone is not as lame as I thought it would be.

Ok, I cheated a bit. I bought myself an iPod touch so I can still use instagram and co. at home. But I am not that frustrated anymore because my iPhone died. But don’t worry, I already signed up for an early bird ticket for the iPhone 5! (YAY!)

3. I bake too much.

It is a fact. I bake too much cupcakes, cakes and cookies. All that sweet stuff is not helping loosing weight, you know? BLEH! So I decided to skip baking for a while. It is like getting sober – not easy. Really, not easy. Especially not with my new blog Katja’s Kueche around. I focus on the delicious things in life and baking is definitely helping create deliciousness. BUT I already have a few recipe ideas for salads and non-baking stuff. I know I can do that!

4. I want to get a tattoo.

You know, of a vintage typewriter. To remind me of my beloved grandma. I own her old typewriter and it is really special to me. Like she was. I think I will wait for a few months to see if I stick to that thought or if I might change my mind.

5. I give up. Easily.

That’s a fact. I envy those who stick to their goals and make them their project. I hate that so much about myself! If I would (or could…) really focus on one thing and stick to my plans I would be successful. I know it. Any advice on how to stick to your goals?

What did you learn about yourself lately?




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  1. special post katja, & you look fantastic! 🙂 i recently learned that i like melted butterscotch chips with rice chex cereal. it’s kind of like a rice krispie treat.

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