DIY: Wallet makeover.

Hi there friends!

While I am away (again) for further education, I wanted to share a quick and easy – yet lovely DIY with you. 🙂


While cleaning my craft room I found an old wallet. I used to love this wallet because it was simple and red and – yeah, pretty. But it looks a bit used and so I thought I wanted to make it pretty again. I remembered this tutorial by the lovely Stefanie and wanted to give it a try!


You will need an old wallet and some lace trim. Needle and yarn of course. And scissors!


Sew the lace to the inside of you wallet. I folded mine so it looks more „puffy“. I just made some simple stitches, nothing special.


See? Should not be too hard for you.


And basically that’s all.


I like my „new“ wallet and might use it more often these days. Thanks for the lovely inspiration, Stefanie! ❤




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