With my own two hands…

… I made this pretty cute hedgehog.

My coworker loves hedgehogs. She was away for more than 3 weeks and returned on Monday. So I thought this would be an appropriate welcome gift 🙂

I have to admit: I love the flower fabric I used. ❤ So pretty!

Also, there’s some lace at the bottom of the little creature.

Have you surprised anyone lately?



11 Gedanken zu “With my own two hands…

  1. As you said, the fabric is lovely!!! I really want to surprise my husband by crocheting him a vest but i dont seem to find any cute patterns….so will see!! Great job to you. I’m sure your coworker loved it!!!

  2. I can only agree, very cute! Was it hard to sew? Did you sew it by hand or by machine? Pretty dang cute, that’s for sure. What did your co-worker say?
    Happy week. xo.

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