Can we please talk nerdy for a minute?


My old iPhone broke 3 months ago. Waiting that felt like forever is over today. I wouldn’t say I am obsessed with my phone. But it is more to me than just my phone. It is my camera, my diary, my computer… my MP3 player. So well… you know – I needed the iPhone 5.

My heart is still filled with joy from knowing this awesome phone now belongs to me. Again. 🙂 I will take good care of it. Promised.

Do you understand this kind of relationship or do you just shake your head and laugh at me?




4 Gedanken zu “Can we please talk nerdy for a minute?

  1. i totally understand you but i laugh at you. don’t misunderstand me but it’s funny how obsessed can we became with this half eaten apple…even i don’t own an i pod i am a big fan of i mac & mac books… 🙂

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