Tea advent calendar DIY

Hello there!


For years and years I talked about crafting an advent calendar for the Mr. This year I finally did it! I can’t wait to see his surprised face every day when he pens one of the boxes. Do you craft advent calendars?

I started to enjoy it so I wanted to make a cute small one for a friend of mine. She likes tea so I came up with this:



A tea advent calendar! While waiting for christmas to come she can enjoy a cup of  tea every single day.


You will need:

lunch bags
craft paper and a punch (your shape of choice, i chose a gift tag shape)
washi tape and a pen



First, put your tea bag in a lunch bag. Then, start folding the top edges to the middle. Roll up the bag until it looks like a tea bag. Then, use a hole punch to punch a hole in the bag.


Use your twine or yarn and thread it through the hole.


With the help of your washi tape, attach the tag to the yarn.


Yeah, like that.


Write a number on the tag.

And now, repeat this 24 times.




Now you have a cute advent calendar for the tea lover in your family or among your friends!


Hopefully this inspired you to create an advent calendar yourself this year, it is so much fun….





19 Gedanken zu “Tea advent calendar DIY

  1. Beautiful idea, so sweet! You can enjoy every day a lovely cup of tea in a different flavor, to anticipate the joy of Christmas with your loved ones!

  2. Eine wunderbare Idee, liebe Katja! Teebeuteladventskalender habe ich schon oft verschenkt, aber nicht so toll verpackt! Sehr inspirierend…

  3. What a wonderful idea, thank you! Hope to find the time to make ad advent calendar myself. Increases the festive fun..!

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