Tuesday reads.

Hello lovelies and welcome to a new weekly series (I told you I was working on my blogging schedule!)….

„Tuesday reads“ is a weekly feature where I write about books I am currently reading or think you should read as well. I am also always very happy of your suggestions because some of the best books I read were recommended by YOU guys!

So let’s start. Today I would like to introduce you to a Thriller I am currently reading:

Argus. By Jilliane Hoffman.


The story starts with Gabriella who meets a good looking man in a bar and decides to go home with him. Too late she realizes she is in a trap and then she sees all the cameras as she is tied up to the ceiling….

A few years later, the murder of a young student shocks everyone. Not only was it brutal and cruel it also was part of a series of murder.

Detective Manny Alvarez tries to find out the truth behind this crime and Daria DiBianchi as states attorney is by his side.


So….? Is it worth reading?

Well, I am only through the first 100 pages but even though somehow it scares me a lot I like reading this book. I think the way it is written is perfect, I love the melody of the words and the way Jilliane Hoffman uses „real“ language.

Also I like the plot. I have never before read such a scary book. But I am willing to follow along the story and read more about the countless women that had to die. And understand why.

I’d totally recommend this book to you if you like reading thrilling stories and enjoy a good goose bumps.


Have fun reading!




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  1. Oooh I will have to check this out! I love finding new books to read. I actually still have to post about the books I read in September & October! 🙂

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