Tuesday reads.

Hello again!

Another tuesday, another book I want to recommend. “Tuesday reads” is a weekly feature where I write about books I am currently reading or think you should read as well. I am also always very happy of your suggestions because some of the best books I read were recommended by YOU guys!

This time I picked

Dark Canopy. By Jennifer Benkau.


The Percents, Soldiers who were created for the third Worldwar, took over the leadership of the world. They scare humans and treat them like slaves.

A few rebels try to survive outside the city. Among them, 2o years old Joy tries to fight against the regime of violence. But then she gets caught by the enemy and discovers there’s also humanity in what seemed to be the monster. She also discovers she could love one of these monsters. And that she would risk a lot to keep that love.

So… Is it worth reading?

Totally. At first I was a tiny bit scared by the cruelty and the bare violence of the world Joy lives in. But I could soon side with her and learned to understand her world wasn’t simply a scary place.

I literally soaked in every single word and with more than 500 pages it is not a lightweight. Also it is a book filled with surprises. I don’t want to tell you too much about it but I besides goosebumps and grief I also laughed and shed a tear or two. Or maybe even more.

Sometimes when I finish a book it leaves me with loneliness. This book did too. I can’t explain it exactly but when I read the last words I felt like someone left me alone somewhere in the forest and the darkness rolled in…. I think this gives you an idea of how it felt. Also I wanted to read the next part immediately. But the next part isn’t available yet. I hope it will be out next year.

Ok so with much said I only wanted to let you know: I love this book so much, I highly (HIGHLY!!!!!) recommend it.
Have fun reading! ❤





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