Magazines I read: Burda Kreativ.

Hi everyone!



In the digital century I still LOVE buying magazines. The Mr. always laughs at me because „paper is dead“ but I like going to the store, grabbing my kind of mag and browse through the pages on the way back home. Also relaxing on the couch with a cup of tea, some cookies and a magazine can be very helpful when you are searching for inspiration.

With that said I thought it would be fun to introduce you to a few magazines I like.

Let’s start with this:



The Burda Kreativ magazine is a special magazine from the Burda Style and it is filled with cute DIY ideas, – perfect for christmas! Let’s have a look inside:


You’ll find 82 pages of crafty ideas and gift guides for the best time of the year.






And as always you’ll also find the instructions in the back of the magazine. And yes, not all of the ideas are „super new“ and I might have seen them around the web for some time. But this magazine is inspiring and special and I totally dig the idea of making special magazines for christmas. And I like that it is very crafty and colorful!

The DIY instructions are „step by step instructions“ and there are 4 DIYs I want to use to make christmas gifts. By the way, I need to hurry. Only 3 more weeks until christmas eve!

Back to the topic: I recommend this magazine to you if you like looking at great craft projects and if you are looking for DIY christmas gifts.

That’s it.