Tuesday reads.

tuesday reads

“Tuesday reads” is a weekly feature where I write about books I am currently reading or think you should read as well. I am also always very happy of your suggestions because some of the best books I read were recommended by YOU guys!

Godspeed  // Across the Universe by Beth Revis


The Story:

The spaceship „Godspeed“ has been in space for 250 years to find the new planet „Centauri-Earth“, since the „real“ earth can’t be inhabited anymore. Before „Godspeed“ left earth, some people were frozen. They travel in the low level of the ship and they should be awaken once the spaceship lands.

There are 2000 people on that spaceship and they are all very much „the same“ – the same skin color, same eye color and shape, same hair color. Then Amy, one of the „Frozens“ is awakened. She almost dies but once she survives she gets to know the next leader of the spaceship, Elder. They become friends and he helps her finding her way through the strange world of this ship. But the people on „Godspeed“ are afraid of her being different and they also get to know some shocking facts… Nothing is as it seems. Never.


Is it worth reading?

I am not overwhelmed by this story because somehow this whole „spaceship“ theme confuses me. But I enjoyed reading this book. It is a trilogy and I enjoyed reading the second book as well. Of course.

Anyways, if you are a fan of Science Fiction and dystopian literature: This is your book!