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Hello there lovelies!

This week went by very fast and I feel like it has only been Monday and now it’s already THE WEEKEND! Is it just me or does time fly these days?

Anyways… to welcome the weekend, here are a few inspiring (maybe a bit christmas-related) things I have found and liked:

Have you heard of the blogger event „24 merry days„? 24 blogs, 24 christmas inspired giveaways. Lovely.

I love baked apples. And here’s also a recipe for baked apple marmelade.

And what about chai tea whoopie pies? They look SO yummy!

A new pretty fashion blog I discovered and love pretty much.

The queen of DIY, Martha Stewart, is sharing a few DIY gift ideas. Me likes!

Oh, and have you seen this cute idea on the Modcloth blog?


Winter fashion loves: 1 // 2 // 3 //


Have a great weekend filled with people you love and some baking time ❤



2 Gedanken zu “Around the blogosphere

  1. WOW! thank you lady! I feel so pleased that you like my blog! Im glad you do as its brought me to your lovely blog! :)xx

  2. Nooo, it’s not just you – time indeed flies. It’s breathtaking and a little bit frightening, too. 😉

    Have a cozy weekend, nevertheless. xoxo.

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