Crafty Christmas: Decor around our home.

Hello there and welcome back to the crafty christmas here on my blog!

For christmas, I love decorating the house. This year however, we decided not to „over decorate“ because we wen through some major trouble in 2012… You know, we wanted to cut back a bit. Anyways, it wouldn’t be christmas without a bit of decoration. Here are a few impressions:


This years‘ decoration is mostly focused on the living room table.


Like the tiny handmade advent calendar.


I painted the pumpkin white and decorated it with a so called „pearl pen“. So pretty, right? And the mooses were gifts from friends a while ago.


I also made this gingerbread man 2 years ago. He comes out every christmas. Sweet little tradition.

Do you decorate big time or minimal like we did this year?



Ein Gedanke zu “Crafty Christmas: Decor around our home.

  1. Mine is pretty minimal. I have a 3′ table top tree and I hang stockings for us. That’s it! We have a lot of ornaments collected from over the years so the tree looks different every year.

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