Crafty Christmas: Gift guide – for the BFF

The best friend should be pampered at christmas. Imagine she wasn’t there for you when you needed her. Yeah, exactly! That would be very cruel. So let’s give great things to our besties this year!


1. A cute mug. Because drinking tea from cute mugs is even better than just drinking tea.

2. A perfect leather bag. This one is handmade and it is a brilliant way to let your BFF know how much she means to you.

3. Moomins thermo. For a Sunday picnic once the days get warmer again.

4. A recipe box. That box is a great gift for a baker.

5. Washi tape. Because everyone needs washi tape.

6. Retro Radio. For the vintage lady who loves everything oldschool. And because it is pink.

Have you found the perfect gift for your best friend yet?



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