Crafty christmas: Gift guide – for the boyfriend


It is no secret at all that my boyfriend is a geek.  Well,… a geek is someone who is interested in technology and technology based developments. Like a Hacker. I can’t tell if he is also a nerd because he is not a shy person and never experienced being treated as an outsider. But he likes video games and mathematic stuff.

Anyways… finding great presents for a geeky boyfriend isn’t always easy. So I am presenting you a few ideas:




1. A Pacman money box. Because there’s no cuter way of saving money than feeding Pacman!

2. The best doormat. Because he loves his iPhone. So do I.

3. A retro iPhone Case. Just because I can!

4. A nerdy rabbit. There’s no actual reason for this plushie. But…. LOOK AT IT!!!!

5. A traveling journal.  Not because he travels so much but because he SHOULD travel more often.

6. A watch. A very cool watch.


Do you have any gift ideas for boyfriends?





PS: Is it just me or is it waaaaaaaay more easy finding presents for girls?