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For this „Crafty Christmas“ I invited some lovely bloggers (from Germany) to share cute DIY ideas or recipes or even stories with you. Today I would like to introduce you to the lovely Fee of Fee ist mein Name. She is a very cute and nice person, you can tell from reading her blog! She inspires me constantly with her every-sweet heart and lovely DIY ideas. Today, Fee is sharing a christmas inspired recipe:

Fee ist mein Name

Fee ist mein Name

Hey, everybody. My name is Fee and I’m blogging over at “Fee ist mein Name”  (that actually means “My name is Fee”). I mainly write in german, but I translate everything, so I’m always happy to welcome international readers. And everybody else is welcome, too, for sure!

You have to know that I love cinnamon. To me cinnamon smells like the quintessence of christmas, even if I love using it the whole year. For these Cinnamon Cookie Pops I used „Zimtsterne“, star-shaped cinnamon cookies based on a traditional german christmas recipe. I used the store bought version (mainly because it’s faster), but if you can’t get them, where you live, you can also make your own ones.

For 20 Cookie Pops I used 150g crumbled „Zimtsterne“ cookies and mixed them with a frosting made from 40g cream cheese, 25g soft butter, 100g powdered sugar and cinnamon. I formed twenty little balls and placed them in the freezer for one hour. Afterwards I stuck lollipop sticks into each ball and stored them cold again. Next I melted 300g white chocolate and mixed some sugar and cinnamon. Then I rolled each ball in the chocolate and sprinkled it with the sugar mixture. Finally I used a kind of foam block to let them dry overnight. Store them in the freezer, if you don’t wanna eat them right away, but get them out at least two hours before serving them. Caution: They are very sweet :)! But we all like sweet, right?

Fee ist mein Name

Fee ist mein Name

Thank you Katja for having me. I wish everybody a lovely christmas time.



Thank you, Fee, for this pretty delicious recipe! I am really looking forward to making these.

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  1. Oh my!!! I am not German but a very close friend introduced me to zimtsterne. They are my all time favourite biscuits! I make them every Christmas but have to store them else where or else nobody else would get one on Christmas Day. Should make them more often really but then, I’d only eat them!

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