Crafty Christmas: Gift guide – for the little one.

The little ones are the real heros of christmas. I’ll always love the bright childrens‘ eyes on christmas eve. And to make this special day even more special – here’s a little gift guide for the best people in the world!


1. Cat plush toy. Because these cats are unique, handmade and very pretty.

2. A tent. And it is a very special tent! It looks like an oldschool VW bus. Eeeeeek!

3. Fox sweater. Because foxes are the new Owls!

4. A play kitchen. For the little chef.

5. An owl chalkboard. For lovely notes from the little one.

6. A raccoon plush toy! Yeah, what should I probably tell you about that? It is just SO adorable!


Yay! Do you have any gift ideas you’d love to share? Let us know!