Crafty Christmas: Giftguide – for the dad.


Dads are great, aren’t they? Indeed. But finding presents for them is not easy. In fact, my dad tells me every christmas he just wishes for me to be happy and that’s all he needs. Yep, very sweet. But not really a good advice when it comes to gift-giving. 🙂 But dads deserve gifts so here’s a little gift guide from me to you:



1. Chalkboard globe. So dad can plan his next trip(s).

2. A very cute pillow. Because it is unique and so is dad.

3. A very cool watch. Because dad needs to know what time it is and if a stylish watch helps him with that: perfect.

4. Hand stamped vintage spoon. Not useful but very pretty and it will remind him of how much you love him.

5. Turkish coffee maker. It’s a very unique addition to his coffee addiction.

6. A bow tie. Yes – it is all a Dad needs. And this one is also handmade. YEAH!




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