Crafty Christmas: Gift guide – for myself

My wishlist this year looks pretty, doesn’t it?


1. A camera bag. Because I desperately need one so the camera won’t suffer so much from carrying it in my purse.

2. A quilt blanket. I wanted one for a very long time. This one is perfect!

3. Kelly Murray iPhone Case. It has an owl on it. Of course I need to have it!

4. Orla Kiely bedding. OMG! So pretty!

5. A Beachcruiser. Because I need a new bike. And why not make it pretty?

6. A new dining table. This is more of a gift for the Mr. and me. Because this one looks really pretty and is very close to what I would consider my dream-table. Eeeeek!


Well, I probably won’t get any of these for christmas but these are my wishes. And a girl can dream, right? What’s on your wishlist?





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