Crafty Christmas: Gift guide – newlyweds

Finding gifts for newlyweds can be so much fun! Look what I picked:


1.A KitchenAid . I love this machine for its design and for all the possibilities. I don’t really need one but if I’ll ever get married I’d be happy to receive one as a gift.

2. A pretty cake mold. The color and the pattern are both irresistible!

3. A quilt. For the bed. It is just crazy pretty.

4. A cute fawn pillow. Just because it is cute.

5. A chest. To store the pretty quilt or blankets in it.

6. A pair of  linen. And if they’re as pretty as these… it’s a winner!






2 Gedanken zu “Crafty Christmas: Gift guide – newlyweds

  1. Oh, the cake mould is just so pretty! And so are all the other picks for your gift guides… 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

    xoxo. Nadine

    Happy Sunday!

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