Hello there!

I am in extreme relaxation mode these days. But I thought a little „Currently“-survey would be a cute idea. Feel free to join!


…obsessing over: My new Kindle. The Mr. got me one for christmas and I LOVE it so far! Oh, and I have a serious case of Orla Kiely fever these days. I wish I could redecorate our whole home, it would definitely be Orla-ish.

…working on: New years‘ resolutions. Last year I shared them here and it has been a great motivation and inspiration. I am planning on doing so this year too.

…thinking about: A fun project I want to start next year. The boyfriend and I talked about doing more stuff together so I figured it would be fun keeping track with them. It sounds mysterious but I’ll be sharing more about that some time soon!

…listening to: The sound of trains. The dishwasher. Birds singing. Children chatting. The cat meowing.

….wishing for: A few more days off. This christmas feels like the perfect christmas. I am soooo relaxed and my mind is soooo off work and other stressy things I wish this could last forever.





As always, this post was inspired by Danielle.

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